30+ Brilliant Upcycled DIY Wreath Ideas You Have to See to Believe

The holidays are coming and there’s nothing more festive than having a wreath at your front door.

Luckily you don’t have to spend a lot buying or even making a welcoming wreath because I’ve discovered some cool upcycled DIY wreaths that are stunning and works just as well.

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Upcycled Denim Wreath

Make a denim wreath with a pair of pants you no longer wear in just a few simple steps.

All you need is a hot glue gun and wreath!

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Coastal Christmas Wreath

If you live on the coast like I do, you might want to consider making this coastal Christmas wreath out of… you guessed it a scarf!

Get the tutorial here.

DIY Aluminum Can Leaf Fall Wreath

Can you believe these precious fall leaves were made from aluminum cans? Because they are!

I love this sustainable wreath idea that’s so chic, it’s like you bought it.

Get the tutorial here.

Soda Can Leaf Wreath

Here’s another look at how you can transform aluminum cans into a beautiful wreath.

I wanted to include this tutorial because the coloration on the leaves are different on the last one and it’s totally up to you how you want to paint the leaves. How about a rainbow colored wreath for the summer?

Get the tutorial here.

Driftwood Wreath with Sea Glass

Harness your collection of sea glass and driftwood and turn them into a wonderful rustic wreath.

Get the tutorial here.

Denim Wreath with Felt Roses

Here’s another quick and easy denim wreath that’s totally sustainable.

The delicate felt flowers add a colorful touch to the denim blue.

Get the tutorial here.

Clothespin Wreath

No need to head to the craft store, if you’ve got some clothespins at home and paint, you can DIY this easy wreath whether it be for a party or the holidays.

Get the tutorial here.

Bicycle Wheel Wreath with Florals

Got a spare bike tire in need of new management? Why not use it in this rustic urban chic DIY and make a fabulous wreath you can decorate with all year long.

Get the tutorial here.

DIY Pom Pom Wreath

Scrap yarn is the worst. You don’t know what to do with it! Luckily for you, there’s this nifty pom pom wreath tutorial that’ll teach you how.

Get the tutorial here.

Recycled Christmas Card Wreath

Where do all the old Christmas cards go?

A great way to put them to use is to make this recycled Christmas card wreath that’s truly festive.

Get the tutorial here.

Book Page and Grapevine Wreath

How absolutely gorgeous is this upcycled wreath made from book pages?

I love the rustic look as much as anybody and this one is a sure winner.

Get the tutorial here.

Plastic Bag Holiday Wreath

Take care of the earth with sustainable crafts such as this one.

The white colored bags make this an instant winter wonderland hit.

Get the tutorial here.

Cinnamon Stick Wreath

There’s nothing like the smell of cinnamon to welcome in the new year.

Make this winter wreath in just a few minutes and a heck of a lot of cinnamon sticks.

Get the tutorial here.

Crayon Christmas Wreath

If you have kids around the house, it’s likely you have a large box of crayons lying around awaiting its fate as this crayon wreath.

I love the rainbow colors and it looks great outside your door all year long.

Very creative.

Get the tutorial here.

Tie Wreath

Grab those ties he never wears (he only wears that one…) and make a tie wreath that’s ever so colorful.

via Good Housekeeping

Beer Can Wreath

Are you a beer lover? Don’t toss the cans out! Make this instead!

via HGTV

Dyed Coffee Filter Wreath

I am in absolute love with this dyed coffee filter wreath. It’s just so stunning and sustainable, I cannot.

They truly resemble flowers, but will last much longer.

Get the tutorial here.

DIY Marshmallow Wreath

Who knew marshmallows were also good at wreath making?

Get the tutorial here.

Dollar Store Basket and Floral Wreath

This beauty is made with a basket cut in half as the anchor to which the flowers attach.

It’s completely mad brilliant and such an affordable DIY.

You can even use a basket lying around the house.

Get the tutorial here.

Canning Jar Rim Wreath

Save even your rusty canning jar rims from the trash by utilizing them in this rustic wreath DIY.

If they aren’t so rusty, you can paint or add ribbon to them to make them extra festive.

Get the tutorial here.

Bike Wreath with Plastic Water Bottle Flowers

Here’s another bike wreath that’s so rad.

The plastic water bottle flowers are a really great sustainable idea and looks lovely next to the more industrial bike wheel.

Get the tutorial here.

Book Page Wreath

Are you a bookworm? You’re going to have to DIY this book page wreath that’s so chic.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Magazine Wreath

There’s always plenty of unread magazines in my home, what better way to use them in a creative fashion than to make a wreath out of them!

Get the tutorial here.

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

TP roll crafts are my favorite of all time. They put use and sustainability into such creative means, it’s a wonder to see.

Save up your toilet paper rolls to make this exquisite holiday wreath.

Get the tutorial here.

Garden Hose Wreath

Who would’ve thought making a garden hose wreath would work out so well.

A Cultivated Nest nailed it with this upcycled DIY.

Get the tutorial here.

Brown Paper Bag Faux Leaf Wreath

If you love the look of a bay leaf wreath, you can make your own out of brown paper bags very easily in this simple to follow tutorial.

Get the tutorial here.

Yarn Ball Wreath

This is another project where scrap yarn can come into play.

You can use all types of yarn, including different colors and sized yarn balls to make it your own.

Get the tutorial here.

Copper Scrubber Wreath

This tutorial shows you really can make a wreath out of anything in the household!

If you haven’t got a dozen copper scrubbers at home, pick some up at your local dollar store for a steal.

Get the tutorial here.

DIY Pine Cone Wreath

And not only can you find sustainable supplies indoors, you can discover them outdoors as well as you can see in this lovely pine cone wreath.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Copper Mold Fall Wreath

Pick out your favorite copper mold and use it as a wreath for the holidays!

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Flannel Wreath

Have a flannel in need of an updo? Try this DIY.

Get the tutorial here.

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Packing Paper Fall Wreath

With all the holiday gifts rolling in, you’re going to have a lot of excess packing paper.

Sure, you can recycle it, but why not make this packing paper fall wreath and turn it into something wonderful?

Get the tutorial here.

Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Have an extra large hoop that you’ve never finished embroidering or cross-stitching?

Turn it into a festive wreath you can decorate your door with.

So much more useful!

Get the tutorial here.

Plaid Shirt Wired Ribbon Wreath

Make a bow with an old plaid shirt for this wired ribbon wreath.

Get the tutorial here.

Thrift Store Basket Upcycled Wreath

You can make this gorgeous wreath in just a few with thrift store items.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Fabric Wreath

Whether you’re into sewing or just have scrap fabric, you can make this fabric wreath in no time at all.

Get the tutorial here.

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