5 Signs He’s Really Into You

Relationships can be tricky, especially in the beginning stages. Does he like me, does he not? It’s easy to get misconstrued signals at the start of a relationship. Luckily there are tell tale signs that he’s really actually into you.

These signs are definitive and can tell you if he wants to spend his life with you. Even if he only partakes in a few of these signs can show you if he’s the real deal.

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These signs are based on the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman. They are time, acts of service, gifts, personal touch, and words of affirmation. These 5 things can show whether he’s really into you or not.

Everyone has different ways of showing love and some people might prefer gifts over personal touch and vice versa. But if he’s willing to show you even 3 of these love languages can be enough to show that he cares and likes you.

1. He wants to spend time with you. Time is a commodity that can’t be bought. It’s extremely valuable and if he wants to spend as much time as he could with you, it’s a sign that he truly likes you.

He’ll want to take you out on dates, or simply just spend time with you doing nothing. That’s a true sign of someone who is interested in you and wants to spend his time with you and you only.

Developing a relationship takes time together, learning about each other and staying by one another’s side. That’s how you get to know someone for a long term relationship to work.

Even when he’s busy he’ll make time for you. This is key.

2. He helps you out. Whenever there is a need, he’s willing to stand by your side and help. He doesn’t shy away from aiding you in whatever it is you need because he cares about you.

He’ll want to help you with anything you need whether that’s doing laundry or taking out your trash, even helping with work related things.

He’s helping because he cares and wants you to have less stress in your life. Isn’t that great?

3. He buys you gifts. Gifts are a way of saying that someone is thinking about you. They put in the time and effort to pick out something he knows you will like.

Gifting is one love language that might not be your top priority but it’s still a sign he’s into you. Why else would he send you those dozen roses or a foot massager knowing you work on your feet?

4. He wants to be close to you. Whether that’s holding hands or cuddling, he’s showing he wants to be near you and enjoys your company.

Even in a long distance relationship, he’ll want to stay close by talking on the phone or video calling.

Personal touch is a strong way to show he enjoys your company and wants to be with you at all time.

5. He gives you words of affirmation. He either tells you directly that he likes or loves you, or praises you often. This is a sign he thinks highly of you and that you’re the one for him.

Telling you you’re beautiful or sexy is one way to show affirmation. Other ways is telling you how brilliant and smart you are.

Again the 5 love languages are time, acts of service, gifts, personal touch, and words of affirmation. Everyone has different modes of accepting and giving these love languages. Can you list your favorite love languages from 1-5? Leave a comment down below!

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