22 Best DIY Painted No Carve Disney Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Painting pumpkins is so much fun and it’s an activity the entire family can do together. Even if you aren’t an artist at heart, there are plenty of Disney designs that can be stenciled on for easy painting. Get your Disney Halloween party on with these DIY painted no carve Disney Halloween pumpkin ideas.

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Supplies you’ll need for painting pumpkins do not include a lot. You’ll just need:

The dollar store is a great place to stock up on crafting supplies. There you’ll find plastic pumpkins, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and possibly even sealer for your upcoming no carve pumpkin projects. That’s literally everything you need!

Mickey and Minnie Black Pumpkins

These are going to be the easiest no carve pumpkins in town. Simply paint the pumpkins black, add mouse ears, and tie a ribbon for Minnie. So easy!

Get the tutorial at Sugar Bean Bakers

BB-8 Painted Pumpkin

This BB-8 painted pumpkin is a bit labor intensive, but it’s so awesome you’ll want to try it. I recommend using plastic pumpkins so you can display this little guy every Halloween. Sealant is so important in a pumpkin like this. You’ll also love displaying him for a Star Wars themed party!

Get the tutorial at Disney Rewards

Tsum Tsum Pumpkin Patch

Aren’t Tsum Tsum’s just the cutest things? Make your very own Tsum Tsum family of pumpkins with this easy tutorial.

Get the tutorial at Disney Rewards

DIY Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

If you’re planning to do Halloween with Disney, you have to make this stunning Minnie Mouse pumpkin full of embellishments. It’s so Minnie!

Get the tutorial at The Farm Girl Gabs

DIY Disney Up Pumpkin

Up is one of my favorite Disney movies and I’m sure it’s one of yours as well. This is a super easy DIY that you can make in just under an hour. Simply paint the pumpkin a baby blue, add colorful cotton balls (balloons), and a cut out of the Up house.

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin and a Princess

Toy Story 4 Forky Pumpkin

This Forky pumpkin is a great craft for kids to help out with. Playdough is used for the eyebrows and mouth, Googly eyes are a must since Forky also has them himself.

Get the tutorial at The Farm Girl Gabs

Toy Story Painted Pumpkin

Everyone in the neighborhood will recognize this favorite emblem from Toy Story.

Get the tutorial at The Farm Girl Gabs

Buzz and Woody Pumpkins

Paint pens are going to be a major staple when drawing out delicate details on pumpkins. Plus, they’re so much easier to work with then paint!

Get the tutorial at As the Bunny Hops

Toy Story Alien Pumpkin

Toy Story’s alien’s are just the cutest thing. Make an alien pumpkin this year with some paint, foam, and googly eyes.

Get the tutorial at The Farm Girl Gabs

No Carve Disney Princess Pumpkins

Haul out your glitter and pearls for this princess occasion perfect to make a little girl’s day.

Get the tutorial at Mommy of a Princess

Disney Mickey Mouse Painted Pumpkins

Here’s another easy tutorial for a non carve Disney pumpkin idea.

Get the tutorial at Momfoodie

Star Wars Porg Pumpkin

Porg’s are so adorable and when you paint them on a Halloween pumpkin they’re going to be the talk to the town.

Get the tutorial at Creative Green Living

Disney Junior Bluey No Carve Pumpkin

Kids will absolutely adore this Disney Junior Bluey no carve pumpkin. Plus, it’s a breeze to make. Just paint the pumpkin, cut out some details with construction paper and voila!

Get the tutorial at Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pumpkins

These classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse pumpkins would look awesome out on the front porch.

Get the tutorial at The Soccer Mom Blog

Elsa Pumpkin

Released November 2013, Frozen has gone a long way. Kids still adore Elsa and this pumpkin is as beautiful as the princess herself.

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin and a Princess

Belle Pumpkin

Classic Beauty and the Beast lovers cannot get away with making this stunning Belle pumpkin with the signature rose on top.

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin and a Princess

Jack the Pumpkin King

Love the nightmare before Christmas? Here’s a spookier Disney inspired painted pumpkin to try.

Get the tutorial at Simply Today Life

No Carve Sally Pumpkin

Light up the night with colors of Sally in this exquisite no carve pumpkin.

Get the tutorial at This Fairy Tale Life

The Nightmare Before Christmas No Carve Pumpkins

If you’re the type to go all out for Halloween, try completing this quattro of The Nightmare before Christmas pumpkins.

Get the tutorial at Ja Monkey

The Incredibles Jack Jack and Edna Pumpkins

The Incredibles has got to be on of my favorite Disney movies. The tuft of hair on Jack Jack brings me such joy! It’s just so cute.

Get the tutorial at As the Bunny Hops

No Carve Poison Apple Pumpkin

Poison apple pumpkins from Snow White bring about a sense of nostalgia for Halloween night.

Get the tutorial at Musings of an Average Mom

Harry Potter Pumpkins with Free SVG File

No carve pumpkins has never been easier with an SVG file. Painting the faces on your own takes a little more time but is totally doable.

Get the tutorial and free SVG file at Lovely Planner

Baymax No Carve Pumpkin

No carve pumpkins has not been any easier than this Baymax one. Paint the pumpkin white and add the special features that make Baymax, Baymax.

Get the tutorial at the Housewife Eclectic

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