21 Best DIY Halloween Candy Corn Crafts for Decoration

Candy corn is most prominent during Halloween. These small, sweet nuggets are one of my favorites to snack on, to bad it usually isn’t given out to trick-or-treaters. When you love candy corn enough, you’re going to want to decorate for Halloween with these candies.

Some of these decoration ideas are made out of non-edible supplies, but some are using candy corn itself so grab a few bags and let’s get going!

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Candy Corn Wreath

This candy corn wreath will make your mouth water. Plus, it only costs $3 to make. A win-win.

Get the tutorial at Artsy Farsy Mama

Easy DIY Candy Corn Garland

Every party needs a nice garland, why not craft this candy corn one just in time for the festivities.

Get the tutorial at Farm Life DIY

Coffee Filter Candy Corn

Need a fun door hanging for Halloween? Look no further, this coffee filter is easy to make. You can even have the kids help out!

Get the tutorial at Typically Simple

Candy Corn Decoration Tree

Take about 5 minutes to make this candy corn tree and can be displayed all fall long. It’s so delicate and pretty yet screams Halloween.

Get the tutorial at Women’s Day

DIY Wooden Candy Corn Decor

Some wood craftsmanship to make these adorable wooden candy corn decor, but they come out beautifully in the end. Stash them on top of a mantle or as a table centerpiece.

Get the tutorial at Farm Life DIY

Candy Corn Fabric Wreath

The colors of candy corn are widely known and appreciated. Here’s an easy fabric wreath that emanates candy corn.

Get the tutorial at Sewlicious Home Decor

Candy Garland

This candy corn garland is so easy to make. Just thread a needle and use the candy corn as beads! You can even eat this decoration after!

Get the tutorial at Women’s Day

Candy Corn Wreath

Doesn’t this candy corn wreath just look scrumptious? This wreath is easy to make, but make sure you set aside some time to glue on all the candy corn.

Get the tutorial at Women’s Day

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Candy Corn Candle Holders

Did you know candy corn make excellent candle holders? Well you do now! Set a candle inside a large vase and use candy corn to hold the candle upright. The colors of the candy corn look fantastic next to the colors of the candle’s flames. So beautiful!

Get the tutorial at Women’s Day

Candy Corn Balls

Simple DIYs are my favorite. Here, we glue the ends of candy corn onto a Styrofoam sphere.

Get the tutorial at Women’s Day

Paper Plate Candy Corn Banner

You don’t even have to go to the store to make this easy paper plate candy corn banner. Just paint the plates, cut them out, and string them into a banner. So simple!

Get the tutorial at The Gracious Wife

Giant Paper Mache Candy Corn

These giant paper mache candy corn would look great on a porch. They’re a ton of fun to make and lasts years.

Get the tutorial at Manning Krull

Candy Corn Pom Poms

Fun and quick to make, these candy corn pom poms make the best last minute decoration.

Get the tutorial at Live Laugh Rowe

Yarn Wrapped Candy Corn Decoration

Styrofoam cones, yarn, and a hot glue gun are all you need to assemble this candy corn decoration.

Get the tutorial at Occasionally Crafty

Candy Corn x Roses Door Decor

Though I’m not a big fan of the feathers, I’m a huge fan of the rose idea to imitate candy corn. It’s quite beautiful and can be adorn all year round (if you love Halloween).

Get the tutorial at Home Talk

Friendly Candy Corn Wreath

This friendly candy corn wreath takes just a bit of time, but the end result is fantastic. While he won’t be scaring off any trick-or-treaters, he’s sure to win over the crowd.

Get the tutorial at Trendy Tree

Candy Corn Mason Jar Vases

These candy corn mason jars will be the talk of the town. They’re so chic and go so well with the black roses for Halloween.

Get the tutorial at Mason Jar Crafts Love

Felt Candy Corn Garland

For a quick decoration idea, go for this felt candy corn garland. You’ll need felt in 3 different colors, string, and a needle.

Get the tutorial at Hey Let’s Make Stuff

Candy Corn Pumpkin

Take the work out of carving a pumpkin and paint it instead!

Get the tutorial at Craft Project Ideas

Ombre Candy Corn Bottles

I love crafts that upcycle trash. It’s so good for the environment and you save money on craft supplies too. Save your wine bottles because this craft’s gonna need it!

Get the tutorial at Brit.co

Candy Corn Pom Pom Wreath

For a fun and quirky wreath, this is just the one. Pom pom making skills aren’t up to par? They will be after this tutorial.

Get the tutorial at Little Miss Celebration

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