20 Fabulous Fall Nail Art Design Ideas

Fall is in the works and what better way to show off your festive spirit than with fall nail art?

These nail art designs range from simple to complex. If you’re a good nail artist, you can DIY these ideas at home. If not, take them to your local nail salon to get them done. Whichever way you choose to do your nails, there are a couple of techniques you can achieve with nail tools.

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Nail supplies you might need:

  • Gel nail kit – Long, lasting results you can get at home. This kit includes everything you need for gel nails, including a UV lamp.
  • Dotting and brush tools – Achieve manicure looks easily with these must-have tools.
  • Matte topcoat – Instantly transform any glossy manicure to get the matte look.

Got everything you need? Keep reading to discover 20 fabulous nail art designs for fall.

Fall Color Blocking

Color blocking is an easy manicure idea that’s perfect for fall.

Simply pick out nude and autumnal colors and paint! So easy!

via @pop_polished

Burnt Orange

This manicure is where your dotting and brush tools will come in handy.

via @mayleidoesnails

Fall Checkered Nails

These checkered nails scream fall.

via @jackieahumada

Fall Rhinestone Nails

Add rhinestones to glittery color block nails for an elevated touch.

via @mayasnailss

Fall Gloss and Matte Green Nails

Keeping some nails glossy and some matte can be a great alternative to all matte or all gloss.

It really is a way to keep things interesting in this manicure.

via @tiffanyabbigailebeauty


This manicure is a reminder you don’t have to keep to fall colors for a autumn manicure.

Bright, fun colors are always allowed.

via @shimiziyogo

Scarecrow Themed Nails

These scarecrow themed nails are adorable and sweet with fall themed colors.

Fall Leaves

Falling leaves are a major mainstay of fall. Why not have them on your fingertips for a festive touch?

via @nailartbyamyblair

Spooky Nails

Start with a wavy French nail and accentuate with stars and moons.

via @amyytran

Dainty Fall Florals

Keeping florals at bay with just one or two accent nails can keep a manicure from being overly flowered.

via @nailartwithalli

Plaid x Glitter Fall Nails

Plaid and glitter light up the fall nights in this stunning manicure.

via @cheyennesnails_

Flower Power

How beautiful is this set of nails?

Though it’s a bit more intensive than the other examples, you can still try your hand at these at home with just a few tools.

via @noellefuyunails

Fall Scenic Nails

Turn an abstract Frenchie into a fall scenic backdrop.

via @sfpartynails

Fall French Florals

I’m in absolute love with these creative fall French florals and it’s so easy to get the look at home! Win-win!

via @karanailedit

Fall Matte Leaves

These matte nails are so fall and I’m falling for them!

Starry Skies

A play on a regular French with some stars to boot.

via @by_tia_x

Sweater Weather Nails

These sweater nails are perfect for cozy nights as home!

via @nerdsandnails

Polka Dot Nails

Polka dot nails can be rocked all year long, but pair them with fall colors for the seasons.

via @simple_sassy_nails

Country Pumpkins

Adorn an adorable pumpkin on an accent nail for some fall motifs.

via @stampmqueen

In Orange

Orange is THE color for fall.

Here’s a simple manicure you can definitely do at home.

via @vero_nailz

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