20 Best Halloween Disney Nail Art Design Ideas

The best collabs has to be those that include Disney. With Halloween right around the corner, your fingertips are aching to be manicured and what other way to prep your nails than with a Disney Halloween design. Whether you’re a die hard Disney fan or simply appreciate a few favorite Disney themes and characters, I’ve got you covered.

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If you’re doing your manicure at home, here are a few essentials:

  • Gel nail kit – This kit has everything you need to achieve long lasting color at home. The UV sealing lamp is included as well as manicure tools.
  • Halloween gel nail polishes – You get 6 nail polish in a Halloween color palette. Green, purple, red, black, and orange will suffice when your designing Halloween nails.
  • Brush and dotting tools – This set includes a 15 piece nail brush set and even rhinestones, nail foil, and nail tape to upgrade your manicure.
  • Matte topcoat – Transform any glossy nail into a matte dream with OPI’s matte topcoat. It’s a best seller; you’ll love the look.
  • Nail decals – Nail stickers can elevate a manicure in one simple, easy application.
  • Stacking rings – Rings can make a manicure even lovelier. Stacking rings bring about a sense of cohesion and style. You won’t want to miss out on this trend.

Check out the best Halloween Disney nail art design ideas perfect for the holidays.

Mickey Pumpkin Nails

These nails will be the talk of any party. Black French nails paired with Mickey Mouse pumpkins. So cute!

via @amyytran

Orange French Nails

Orange is a main theme during Halloween so why not go with an orange French nail with mini Mickey Mouse ears as an accent. Dotting tools are a must to DIY this manicure!

via @emilies.nails

Purple Halloween Nails

I love how this manicure makes little bats and spiders out of the Mickey Mouse ears. Cobwebs are the main attraction but you can still see Disney inspiration peering from small places.

via @adventuresbyrebekah

Black Halloween Nails

Brush and dotting tools are going to be your best friend when DIYing Mickey Mouse Halloween nails. Here, we have left most nails blank except for a few accent nails with cobwebs and Mickey Mouse ears and it looks fabulous!

Mickey Mouse Bats

Black glitter is perfect for Halloween, paired with a nude polish for accent nails and you’ve got a stunning manicure.

via @nailsby.mckenna

Mickey Mouse Vampire

You’re going to want to go to your favorite nail tech for this intensive design. Oh, but this manicure sure is beautiful!

via @disneygirlie

Disney Halloween

Nothing screams Halloween than black and orange. Display these colors on your fingertips for a festive time this season.

via @sunsationails

Monochrome Halloween Disney Nails

You don’t have to fit within the color scheme of Halloween in order to make a statement. These monochrome nails do just that with black, white, and silver nail polish.

Nightmare Before Christmas

A good matte manicure never hurt nobody, especially when it’s designed so well. The intricate details are what really makes this nail art design work.

via @nailsbybrooke___

Lilo and Stitch Halloween

How adorable is Lilo and Stitch dressed up for trick-or-treating? If you’re good at hand painting designs this should give you some inspiration. If not, take this to your local hand painted salon to get the look.

via @not_naked_nails

Ursula Nails

These Ursula nails are easy to DIY at home. Again, I really recommend getting a dotting and brush nail set to design your nails.

via @jess_nails_it

Mickey Ghosts

Stripes, polka dots, and Mickey ghosts in one manicure; you’re set for Halloween.

Mickey Mouse Characters

I love how Amber does the different characters for Mickey’s Halloween. I spy a mummy, Frankenstein, and even a Mickey ghost!

via @amberjoynailsit

Glow in the Dark Mickey Nails

Have you tried glow in the dark nail polish? It’s perfect for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. Get a set of glow in the dark nail gel polish here.

via @fashion_design2271

Neutral Mickey Mouse Manicure

Not a fan of Halloween colors? Opt for a neutral brown or beige for your Disney Halloween nail inspiration. Finish up with a glossy or matte topcoat to seal the deal.

via @mpnails___

Disney Halloween Pretty in Pink

Here’s another look at a different color scheme than what is usually recognized as Halloween. Pink and blue compliment one another and with the right decorations, you can turn it into a Halloween manicure that’s ready to go.

via @disneygirlie

Halloween Matte Disney Nails

These matte Disney orange nails scream Halloween night.

via @jess_nails_it

Friendly Ghost Mickey

This friendly ghost Mickey will accompany you throughout all your Halloween adventures.

via @luxenailsbyalexa

Plaid Mickey Mouse Nails

Plaid goes well under any season or weather. Here we have opposing hands with different color schemes and it totally works! Pick two colors that is Halloween itself and delve into decorating each hand with spooky details like cobwebs and slime.

via @naildbyamber

Fall Disney Party Nails

How cute is this fall manicure filled with Mickey Mouse ghosts? There’s even skulls, pumpkins, and a cappuccino to boot!

via @jessiepnails

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