20 Best DIY Earring Holder Ideas You’re Gonna Want to Make Right Now

I am a jewelry enthusiast. I love all types of jewelry and there’s one category that I love most and that is earrings.

Earrings do so much to draw attention to the face. It brings out your elegant features in a way most other jewelry cannot.

One thing about earrings is they can get a bit messy to organize. I usually keep mine in a box where they get all tangled up and I can never find the other pair. Luckily I found some simple DIY earring holder ideas that can organize my earring collection (and yours) easier.

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Keep reading to uncover 20 of the best DIY earring holder ideas you’re gonna want to make right now.

Burlap and Wood Earring Holder

This earring holder uses burlap to be the backpiece to your earrings.

Burlap already has little holes that are the perfect size to the backs of your earrings to fit through.

Plus, this style looks great on a vanity. The white contrasting wood against the burlap is a great combination.

Get the tutorial here.

Easy DIY Earring Stand

If you’re not handsy at woodworking, you can try this easy DIY earring stand instead.

It requires only a few cuts of wood and a sheet of decorative aluminum.

Get the tutorial here.

10 Minute DIY Over the Door Earring Holder

If you’re a fan of easy DIY’s this one’s for you.

In just 10 minutes you can have a space to store all your large earrings.

Again, you’ll be using decorative aluminum for this project.

Get the tutorial here.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Birch Box Earring Holder

Upcycled projects are my favorite. They help out the environment and you can truly turn something into its better half.

This project uses Birch boxes, but you can totally use any type of small box for this DIY.

Get the tutorial here.

Simple and Cheap Stud Earring Holders

Craft foam is the backer for these simple and cheap stud earring holders.

Pair a unique colored frame with white craft foam or keep it plain and use a colorful craft foam!

The possibilities are endless.

Get the tutorial here.

DIY Ring and Jewelry Organizer

Make a classic version of a ring and jewelry organizer at a fraction of the price when you DIY.

Get the tutorial here.

Wooden Earring Box

If you like minimalistic aesthetic, you have to make this wooden earring box.

Get the tutorial here.

DIY Earring Holder with Craft Sticks

Can you believe this earring holder is made with craft sticks? Because it is!

So cheap and affordable, yet looks amazing displaying your hooked earrings.

Get the tutorial here.

No Power Tools Earring Holder

I tend to shy away from DIYs that uses power tools because I have no experience with them, which is why I love this DIY.

You’re going to be using the cloverleaf aluminum sheet once again in this DIY. For stud earrings use this one.

Get the tutorial here.

Acrylic Earring Holder

I’m a huge fan of acrylic anything.

I really like this look because it’s completely see through and it’s very elegant.

You’re going to need an acrylic sheet and drill bits, but this tutorial is very simple in its entirety.

Get the tutorial here.

DIY Wall Earring Holder

Use your earrings as wall art and get away with it…

This is a super simple DIY that’s so beautiful on the wall.

Get the tutorial here.

Bulletin Board Earring Holder

Out of all the tutorials before, this has got to be the easiest.

Afroza uses a bulletin board to hang her earrings and it’s so pretty.

Get the tutorial here.

Embroidery Hoop Earring Holder

This tutorial uses an embroidery hoop to hold earrings.

I like that it’s suitable for both studs and hook earrings.

You can embroider whatever you like, or use an already finished cross stitch or embroidery pattern as a holder.

Get the tutorial here.

String Art Earring Holder

There isn’t a tutorial that goes with this DIY but it’s rather simple.

To make string art, you have to hammer pins into the frame, then string yarn around the frame in a mismatched manner.

There you have it, a hooked earring holder that’s also wall art.

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