50+ Funny Punny Painted Rocks That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud

Painted rocks are a favorite pastime of mine. It’s so nice to decorate them then send them on their way for someone to discover. It’s a fun craft for myself and the whole neighborhood as we pass along these little nuggets of happiness.

Out of all the painted rocks and even sock rocks, there’s a category of painted rocks that I like best. It’s the punny ones!

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What you’ll need for painting rocks:

  • Rocks – You can use any rock you find outside but river rocks make the best surfaces, especially for painting in detail.
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint pens
  • Sealer – You definitely need a sealer if you’re using acrylic because they are water soluble and will wash away. My favorite of course is modge podge (in matte AND gloss of course!).

Check out 50+ of the funny punny painted rocks that’ll make you laugh out loud.

Rock, Paper, Scissors | @bookish_in_town_

Squeeze the Day | @ssrocz

Punny Rocks | @hvorrocks

Uni-Corn | @julieghooliee

More Funny Punny Rocks | @rockmania20

Avocato | @rocking.kk

Tea-Rex | @itspunny.1

Good Sign | @itspunny.1
A Dell | @itspunny.1
You Wanna Pizza Me? | @itspunny.1

Grumpy Rocks | @rocksbydanny

No More Mr. Rice Guy | @rockprettyrocks

Punny Holidays | @rockmania20

Positive Punny Rocks | @poniluv

Quesa-Dillo | @designs.of.ashley

Pizza My Heart | @sunflowerblissco

Sew Wonderful | @lionhe_art_ed
I’m Cooler | @epsteinsrock
Ewe Rock | @writerofreality
More Punny Painted Rocks | @smithfamilyrockz
You Kale Me | @rocking.kk
You Can’t Tunafish | @rocking.kk

Always on Time | @rockprettyrocks

More Funny Painted Rocks | @monimos61rocks

Daisy Me | @rockprettyrocks
I Love You | @waymart_rocks_
Dino-mite | @waymart_rocks_
Whale Done | @waymart_rocks_
You Bake Me Happy | @waymart_rocks_
Better Latte Than Never | @rockprettyrocks
Fleece Navidad | @rockprettyrocks
Emergency Button | @watchforrocks209

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