30+ Healthy Halloween Recipes

With the sugar highs of Halloween, there comes a time to think about healthier options. Whether you’re preparing these recipes for your children or for a Halloween party, you won’t have to worry about disappointments. These recipes are delicious treats for anyone of any age and they’re so much fun to make.

So come along and explore these healthy Halloween recipes that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

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Spooky Fried Mozzarella Eyeballs

Pure ingredients, plain and simple recipe.

Get the recipe at Foodie Crush

Spiderweb Pumpkin Soup

Take this bright orange pumpkin soup from colorful to creepy with the addition of an edible spiderweb and spider.

Get the recipe at She Knows

Tangy Pumpkins

Turn oranges into sweet and tangy mini pumpkin snacks.

Get the recipe at Woman’s Day

Bite Sized Eyeballs

Whip up these cheesy pastry puffs with just four ingredients, then make each pair come alive with slices of cucumber and olive, and squiggles of tasty Sriracha.

Get the recipe at Woman’s Day

Green Apple Monsters

These goofy apple monster mouths are fun to make and a hit with kids and adults alike!

They’re perfect for a healthy Halloween treat and are ready in just a few minutes.

Get the recipe at This Healthy Table

Cheese Monsters

Just add googly eyes!

Get the recipe at Danya Banya

Spooky Halloween Charcuterie Board

Few things are more fun to make than a charcuterie board and probably the most fun board to make of all – this spooky Halloween charcuterie board!

It’s a delicious appetizer tray full of salami, cheese, fruit, and nuts. The skeleton hands are not required, but they do make it even more fun.

Get the recipe at This Healthy Table

Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Granola Cups

Granola cups are a fun, easy, healthy treat!

These have a cozy pumpkin spice flavor and are topped with our favorite yogurt.

Add some Halloween faces and it’ll be a hit!

Get the recipe at Lovely Indeed

No Bake Monster Pita Pizza

This no-bake pizza is so easy to make, and it’s even more fun to eat!

Kids will love the spooky monster eyes made from cucumbers, cheese and beans for this cute Halloween snack.

Get the recipe at Eating Well

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Healthy Pumpkin Muffins

Easy, one bowl, healthier pumpkin muffins made with whole wheat grains and naturally sweetened!

These pumpkin muffins are as light, fluffy and delicious as their coffee shop counterparts.

Get the recipe at Cookie and Kate

Halloween Fruit Salad

Looking for easy healthy party food ideas for the kids this Halloween? Get the kids involved with making this super cute and fun buffet-style Halloween Fruit Salad.

Full of lots of different fruits including melons & pineapple cut into cat, ghost, bat and pumpkin shaped treats using cookie cutters.

Get the recipe at Flawless Food

Frankenstein Kiwis

These Franken-kiwis are an easy, really cute, healthy Halloween treat!

And so fun to make – like yummy little Halloween craft projects!

They’re perfect for Halloween fruit trays, fun after-school snacks, and as edible Halloween party decorations!

Get the recipe at Two Healthy Kitchens

Curry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Delicious and healthy!

Get the recipe at Connoisseurusveg

Vegan Pumpkin Banana Bread

A delicious and nutritious banana bread that’s filling.

Get the recipe at Hazel and Cacao

Spicy Pumpkin Wedges

A nutritious snack for the entire family.

Get the recipe at Good Housekeeping

Healthy Halloween Fruit Platter

These easy and fun Healthy Halloween Snacks are a perfect treat without the guilt! Franken-kiwis, Boo-nanas, Mandarin Pumpkins, Killer Strawberries, and Pretzel Brooms make a fun and festive platter that will be a hit for your kids or at a party!

Get the recipe at House of Nash Eats

Cheese Witch’s Broom

Cast a spell this Halloween with these hauntingly festive appetizers.

Get the recipe at Cakes Cottage

Halloween Veggie Skeleton

Got a picky eater? They won’t be picky with their veggies after they see this skeleton on the table.

Get the recipe at Feeding Four Little Monkeys

Frozen Banana Ghost (Boo-nana) Pops

With just three ingredients, these pops take no time at all to make.
To add a layer of flavor, sprinkle them with shredded coconut after you’ve coated them with yogurt. Then add your chocolate chip eyes.
Get the recipe at Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail

Instead of letting the girls eat a TON of candy corn, I make this fun and healthy Halloween snack Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail.

Get the recipe at Family Fresh Meals

Frankenstein Sandwiches

Turn a simple sandwich into cute green monster Frankenstein sandwiches.

Get the recipe at Little Food Junction

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Fritters

High in vitamins and potassium, these tasty fritters are sure to go fast.

Get the recipe at Super Sister Fitness

Pumpkin Protein Squares

These pumpkin squares are a great way to start your day. Have them for an easy grab-and-go breakfast or an anytime snack!

Topped with gooey chocolate chips and shredded coconut, our pumpkin protein squares are loaded with good-for-you ingredients, so go ahead and serve up this little trick of a treat. Pumpkin, egg whites, oat bran and protein never tasted so good… so delicious, it’s scary!

Get the recipe at Super Sister Fitness

Goblin Guacamole Halloween Eyeballs

Balance out the candy craze with healthy Halloween treats that are fun and festive instead of sugary and sweet!

These goblin guacamole Halloween eyeballs snacks are healthy enough to eat ANY day of the year.

Colorful, slightly creepy, and so easy to make!

Get the recipe at Mind Over Munch

Halloween Roasted Vegetables

With sweet potato jack-o-lanterns, beet root witch’s hats, and spooky potato ghosts, these savory Halloween Roasted Veggies are a healthy Halloween dinner recipe!

Get the recipe at Live Eat Learn

Spooky Black Hummus

Get the recipe at Fat Free Vegan

Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs

Spooky Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs for Halloween!

This 5-ingredient party snack is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party.

Get the recipe at A Spicy Perspective

Peanut Butter Apple Jack O’lanterns

Cute and tasty Peanut Butter Apple-Lanterns appetizers that come together quickly and are perfect for Halloween and Kid snacks!

Get the recipe at Vegan Yack Attack

Candy Corn Fruit Kebabs

Here’s a nice simple idea for a healthy but super yummy Halloween party treat.

Get the recipe at Bit Square Blog

Halloween Cheese and Crackers

These healthy Halloween snacks are quick, easy, and frustration-free!

Get the recipe at Peas and Crayons

Healthy Spider Snacks

Healthy Halloween spider snacks are a quick + easy string cheese snack for kids – pair with marinara for dipping and enjoy!

Get the recipe at Family Food on the Table

Candy Corn Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken Quesadillas are transformed with the right cheese on the outside to create Candy Corn Chicken Quesadillas, a healthy Halloween recipe!

Get the recipe at Boulder Locavore

Spooky Apple Slices

Getting your fruits in on Halloween has never been easier.

Get the recipe at Peas and Crayons

Jack O’lantern Fruit Cups

Just a sharpie and a little bit of imagination goes a long way in the tutorial.

Get the recipe at Peas and Crayons

Healthy Monster Zoodles

I love making little eyeballs out of sushi rice and nori sheets.

They’re even fun to add to a bowl full of zucchini noodles (ZOODLES FTW!) to delight the little ones with veggies.

Get the recipe at Peas and Crayons

Healthy Halloween Gummies

Looking for Healthy Halloween Treats? I’ve got you covered with these Healthy Halloween Gummies! Grass-fed gelatine, pumpkin puree, coconut milk and maple syrup is all you need for them!

Get the recipe at Green Healthy Cooking

Halloween Spider Grilled Cheese

Cute, festive, and just a little creepy, a spider Halloween grilled cheese sandwich will have your kids giggling and grinning.

Get the recipe at Rachel Cooks

Halloween Stuffed Pepper

Halloween stuffed peppers are one of my favorite healthy Halloween main dishes, and I bet that your Halloween will be more fun serving these stuffed bell peppers, too!

You can’t go wrong with Italian flavored beef, mushrooms, onions, and rice are all stuffed inside these perfectly festive peppers.

Get the recipe at It’s Yummi

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