30+ Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Get crafty with the kids this Thanksgiving to boost their skills. Crafts promote good fine and gross motor control as well as increase creativity Рall things kids should have to become well rounded.

Many of these craft supplies can be found at home or at the local dollar store, making it a cheap and affordable way to get kids away from screen time.

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Supplies you might need:

  • Craft sticks
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Paint
  • Tissue paper
  • Scrapbook paper

Get these and more with this craft bundle!

Without further ado, here are over 30 easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids to do. You can find each craft tutorial below the image.

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

We all have toilet paper rolls and spare scrapbook paper lying around.

Let them craft this easy toilet paper roll turkey in under 5 minutes.

Get the tutorial here.

Handprint Turkey

So easy, all you need is paint!

Get the tutorial here.

Quirky Leaf Friends

Fall leaves make the perfect candidate to make these quirky leaf friends that are oh so adorable.

Grab some paint pens and doodle!

Get the tutorial here.

Pom Pom Turkeys

How cute are these pom pom turkey?

These make great decoration as well!

Get the tutorial here.

Easy DIY Crayon Turkeys

Some light woodworking is requires, but that part’s on mom.

Leave the rest to the kids to make these DIY crayon turkeys that make a great centerpiece.

Get the tutorial here.

Painted Corn Husk Headband

Have them make these colorful painted corn husk headband for the festivities.

They’ll love wearing it and it’s a nice upcycle DIY.

Get the tutorial here.

Turkey Glove Puppets

Kids will love playing with these turkey puppets and they’re so easy to make!

Get the tutorial here.

Turkey Windsocks

I love crafts that double as decor.

These turkey windsocks are fun to make and look great as an indoor or outdoor decoration.

Get the tutorial here.

Poseable Leaf Sprites

My older kids love playing with movable and poseable items so this is perfect for them.

Get the tutorial here.

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Indian Corn

This beaded pipe cleaner Indian corn craft is awesome for developing fine and gross motor skills for kids.

Get the tutorial here.

Handprint and Footprint Turkey

Cherish their handprint and footprint forever with this classic craft.

Get the tutorial here.

Turkey Headband

Construction paper, googly eyes, glue, and a stapler are all that’s required!

Get the tutorial here.

Coffee Filter Turkeys

No need to run to get supplies, this craft is made with household supplies!

Get the tutorial here.

Sponge Painted Turkey

Here’s another craft that’ll save you a trip to the store.

Get the tutorial here.

Felt Leaf Finger Puppets

Interactive toys are the best kinds.

Get the tutorial here.

Pinecone Turkeys

These pinecone turkeys are so fun and easy to make, you’ll want to make a couple and dot the house.

Get the tutorial here.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft

I totally remember making these when I was a kid and I absolutely loved it!

I’m sure you’re kids will too!

Get the tutorial here.

Yogurt Cup Turkeys

Turn yogurt cups into fabulous turkeys!

Get the tutorial here.

Thanksgiving Tree

An easy craft that kids can do over the weekend.

Get the tutorial here.

Turkey at the Gate Handprint Art

Get the kids ready for Thanksgiving with this cute craft that even has an adorable poem on the back!

Get the tutorial here.

Turkey Leaf Craft

Have tons of falling leaves outside the house?

Pick a few up to make this turkey leaf craft!

Get the tutorial here.

Turkey Handprint Craft

Here’s another keepsake handprint craft that’s suitable for most ages.

Get the tutorial here.

Paper Plate Turkey Cars

If your little one is obsessed with cars as much as mine is, they’re going to love this paper plate turkey car craft.

It’ll probably be the first car they make!

Get the tutorial here.

Craft Stick Turkey Ballerina

For the little ballerina in your life.

Get the tutorial here.

Turkey Paper Headbands

Here’s another festive turkey headband the kids will love making.

Get the tutorial here.

Pumpkin Pie Kid’s Craft

They might be too young to help in the kitchen for Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean they can’t whip up this delicious pumpkin pie craft.

Get the tutorial here.

Gratitude Turkey

Help remind the kids all that they’re grateful for in this fun and easy craft.

Get the tutorial here.

Felt and Clay Pot Turkeys

Check Target’s dollar section for small clay pots to use in this craft!

Get the tutorial here.

Popsicle Stick Turkey

If you’re looking for an easy tutorial for younger kids, this one’s it!

Get the tutorial here.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

So easy and fun for kids of all ages.

Get the tutorial here.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Clothespin, feathers, construction paper, and googly eyes are all they’ll need to make this colorful Thanksgiving turkey.

Get the tutorial here.

Potato Stamp Turkey

Rummage up some paint and a potato for this super fun turkey craft.

Get the tutorial here.

Easy Painted Cardboard Turkey Craft

Take apart a cardboard box to make this turkey craft that’s super cute.

Get the tutorial here.

Craft Stick Scarecrow

For this scarecrow craft, simply paint and assemble!

Get the tutorial here.

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