21 Best Free Halloween Amigurumi Patterns

Halloween isn’t Halloween without some decorum. If you enjoy making amigurumi, why not crochet up a few of these Halloween themed characters perfect for cuddling or decoration? The little ones make special “treats” for your loved ones to take home.

Get your spooky on with these FREE Halloween amigurumi patterns that are sure to turn heads.

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I never knew zombies could be considered cute, but this one definitely is. The detail on this amigurumi is magnificent with the brains, bones, and eyeball popping out, it’s sure to give you a bit of a fright.

Get the pattern at Spin a Yarn Crochet

Hanging Skeleton

This hanging skeleton free amigurumi pattern is frightening and perfect for Halloween. Hang it above a doorway or on a doorknob for a scary surprise.

Get the pattern at Yarnspirations


This Frankenstein is going to be your new best buddy. He’s incredibly friendly and just wants a hug!

Get the pattern at Stringy Ding Ding


Olive’s amigurumi patterns are of the kind type. They don’t bite. But what I especially love is the detail of this mummy. Her patterns have movable arms and is great for kids to play with.

Get the pattern at Stringy Ding Ding

Sugar Skull

How festive is this sugar skull, or calavera? I love how bright and fun this amigurumi is, it could quite possibly be my favorite!

Get the pattern at Spin a Yarn Crochet


You’re going to love this vampire haunting your household for Halloween. He’s a much simpler pattern without too many attachments. You’ll crochet him up in no time.

Get the pattern at Spin a Yarn Crochet

Frankenstein’s Monster

Here’s another take on a Frankenstein amigurumi.

Get the pattern at Spin a Yarn Crochet

Candy Corn Amigurumi

This oversized amigurumi makes a great welcome character for your porch for Halloween. Though bigger than most of the other amigurumis here, it’s quite a simple pattern that you can crochet in no time.

Get the pattern at Divine Debris

Pumpkin Keychain Amigurumi

Make one for yourself and a couple for your close friends! These pumpkin keychain amigurumi make great gifts for Halloween.

Get the pattern at Spin a Yarn Crochet

Ghost Amigurumi

These amigurumi ghosts would look great on top of a mantle or swinging by a doorway. They’re easy to make so you’ll want to make a couple to adorn the house.

Get the pattern at Spin a Yarn Crochet

Candy Corn

Is your love of candy corn eternal? Crochet these adorable candy corn amigurumi characters to always have them on hand.

Get the pattern at Grace and Yarn

Halloween Pumpkins

These pumpkins will last you a lifetime. They’re perfect for decorum inside or outside. Plus, they’re machine washable!

Get the pattern at Amigurumi.Today


This friendly scarecrow won’t be scaring away any pests, but he will be invitatory to the Halloween party.

Get the pattern at Stringy Ding Ding

Regina the Witch

Crochet up Regina so she can join the Halloween festivities!

Get the pattern here Jess Huff

Sharlotte the Spider

Looking for a quick and easy amigurumi pattern for Halloween? You got it with Sharlotte the spider. What I love about this pattern is not only is it fast to make, you can choose almost any color for Sharlotte. I usually don’t like spiders, but I can totally find myself playing with these little guys.

Get the pattern at Yarn Society.

Halloween Bat

Here’s another easy pattern for a Halloween amigurumi. Crochet him to join his other amigurumi friends for the Halloween festivities!

Get the pattern at Ravelry


What do you get when you cross a cat and a cappuccino? A catpuccino!

Get the pattern at Not Your Yiyas Crochet

Boo, the Ghost

Boo is going to be your new best friend. He’s a stand alone friendly character that’s going to be a very good house guest!

Get the pattern at Amour Fou

Red Haired Witch

Crochet up this red haired witch amigurumi this Halloween season.

Get the pattern at The Crochet Queen Designs


So miniature these bats just take a bit of time to make and can haunt your guests for Halloween all night long.

Get the pattern at Stringy Ding Ding

Owie the Voodoo Doll

Don’t feel too bad sticking pins in Owie. This little amigurumi will keep all the bad guys away.

Get the pattern at Hello Yellow Yarn

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