20+ Cool DIY Ways to Use and Upcycle Old Socks That Are Totally Eco-Friendly

I love upcycling projects mainly because I don’t have to grab much craft supplies and because they’re environmentally friendly.

We’ve all been there where we lost a pair of socks or no longer wear an old pair. No worries, there are a lot of DIYs that account for just that.

Upcycle your socks to something wonderful. Here are 20+ cool DIY ways to upcycle old socks that are totally earth friendly.

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Upcycled Sock Owl Doorstop

Want a door stop that’s cute and affordable to DIY? You got it with this upcycled sock owl doorstop.

It requires only one spare wool sock so go ahead grab that sock where you’ve been trying to find its other half for ages and make this doorstop! It’s perfect for a kid’s pillow as well!

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycle Sock Coffee Cozy

This project again, is perfect for your mismatched pair of socks.

The felt hearts add a delicate touch and looks so adorable on your coffee cup.

These will also makes great stocking stuffers for the holidays.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Sock Dog Toy

No need to spend more than $10 bucks on a new dog toy, just make one out of your old socks!

Get the tutorial here.

DIY Reusable Sock Rice Heating Pad

Keep your hands warm all winter long with these reusable sock rice heating pads. Plus, they’re a no sew project!

Pick the cutest socks for the greatest pleasure of using these!

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Sock Cell Phone Cozy

Keep your phone and keys all together in this cute sock upcycled DIY.

You won’t feel bad throwing out your favorite mismatched socks with this tutorial.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Sock Rock

If you love painted rocks as much as I do, why not try this fabric sock covered rock idea that takes just a bit of sewing to complete.

It makes a great paperweight too. 

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycle Sock Candle Holder

How lovely are these upcycled sock candle holders?

They look so elegant and it’s a no sew process.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Socks to Arm Warmers

Keep your arms warm with these adorable pair of arm warmers made from old socks.

Just a little bit of sewing is involved in this functional DIY.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Snake Sock Draft Stopper

Save money on your energy bill from now on with this nifty snake sock draft stopper at almost no cost.

This will also make an awesome gift to a child!

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Sock Potpourri Sachets

Have your house smelling wonderful all year long with this quick tutorial.

All you need to do to make these potpourri sachets is pour potpourri inside and tie it up with a ribbon or twine.

So easy and they make lovely gifts as well.

via Crazy Socks

Upcycle Sock Bath Soap Holder

No more slippery soap falling into the tub as you’re taking a shower.

These sock bath soap holders are perfect for lathering it up in the bath. Just make sure to air dry them to prevent mildew.

via Crazy Socks

Upcycled Sock Furniture Floor Protector

Moving out? Protect your furniture with socks!

via Crazy Socks

Upcycled Sock Dusting Cloth

Get into hard to reach places when you use a sock as a dusting cloth.

You can practically use old socks to clean anything from shoes to your plants to your kitchen sink.


via Crazy Socks

Use them to soften your hands and feet.

Slather on some lotion and don a pair of socks on your hands and heat to up the moisture. Leave it on overnight for the best results. Trust me when I say you’re going to be amazed! Do this as often as you like, but use a good moisturizing lotion. It makes a difference!

Upcycle Socks to Fingerless Gloves

Refashion your old socks into fingerless gloves in just a few minutes and keep your hands warm all winter long.

This is an easy project that requires little sewing and you can even make it without a sewing machine!

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Sock Pockets

I love this tutorial so much I had to do it straightaway.

Pick your favorite pair of socks and sew it onto a cardigan for pockets that are warm and fashionable.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycle Sock Armband Phone Holder

Get running with this no sew project that requires one mismatched sock.

I’ve seen armbands for way more than I can make with this simple no sew tutorial.

You can even make multiples for days in the wash and out of multiple designs.

Get the tutorial here.

Turn an old sock into a dryer aerator ball.

Don’t go buy an expensive dryer aerator ball, go earth friendly with this easy DIY hack that requires two old socks.

Get the tutorial here.

Sock Mop

Stop buying those throwaway pads when you can make rewashable ones out of old socks.

This is a no sew project and requires just a few cuts to the sock.

Get the tutorial here.

DIY Tawashi Dish Sponge

Suds it up with this DIY on how to make a Tawashi dish sponge.

It’s so easy and a great craft for kids too.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Crochet Backpack Made from Old Socks

I love crochet projects and this one is made out of old socks!

How you ask? Well, we’re going to cutting the socks into sock yarn and using that to crochet.

It’s a brilliant idea and one you might want to use for your other crochet projects if you have a lot of spare socks.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Sock Coin Purse

Aren’t these the cutest coin purses you have ever seen?

These go well with any handbag and will keep your coins safe and collected.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Sock Wreath

I’m loving this upcycled sock wreath.

It’s made out of socks but you would have never guessed it!

Get the tutorial here.

DIY Bean Bags with Socks and Rice

Bean bag toss is a fun game for the holidays that brings the entire family together.

I have a true competitive spirit and a more so eco-friendly heart, which is why I adore this DIY.

Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Sock Bouquet

This no sew tutorial is one you have to try if you’ve gotten yourself a collection of 1-paired socks.

It’s beautiful and easy and a simple craft to make in your free time to decorate the household.

Get the tutorial here.

Like what you see? Leave a comment below and let me know which of these tutorials you’re dying to try!

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