20 Best Halloween Nail Art Design Ideas

If you’re looking for some ideas to jazz up your fingernails for Halloween, then you’ve come to the right place. These nail art design ideas are anything but ordinary. These nails are sure to light up the room and spark conversation for that spooky Halloween night.

Although a trip to your local nail technician can easily attain a beautiful manicure, if you haven’t got much time you can always try:

  • Nail wraps can easily be placed on the nail for an instant manicure. They come in many different designs and are easy to use and remove.
  • Press on nails are another way to get manicured quickly for the Halloween season.
  • Gel nail polish come in a variety of seasonal colors and last ultra long. You do need a UV lamp to seal the gel, which you can find here.

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Pumpkins, Bats, and Ghosts

This super sweetly manicure comes with a pink theme. Though pink is not a particularly Halloween color, it totally works in the grand scheme of things. I love the polka dots, stars, and moon details which make this nail art design idea less spooky and more cutely.

via @jordanward_nailartist_x

Bloody Scream Nails

Your favorite horror movie can be a manicure for Halloween. Here we have Scream. I adore the fake blood dripping from the nails, keeping it simple with just a special detail.

via @mommakaysnails

Orange Theme with Spooky Elements

I absolutely love these orange tipped nails. They certainly capture the essence of Halloween in just a few prints.

via @holly.berry.nails

Halloween in Pink

Here’s another showing of Halloween nail art in pink. Although it is colored this way, the pink pumpkins and rosy cheeked ghosts really emphasize October 31st.

via @nailsbylydiette

Pink French Tips with Ghosts

I couldn’t help but put this pink themed Halloween nail art design idea in here as well. How cute are these pink French tips with mini ghosts?

via @_beautyhq

Black and White Ghostly Manicure

For those who can’t have it any other way but monotone, here’s a devilish nail art idea for you.

via @nails_by_eunice_brisbane

Ghosts Under the Night Sky

Midnight blue has never been better paired with a white ghost for Halloween. I love the intricate details she has added to paint a scenic picture.

via @nailsbykaiti

Halloween in Nude

This Halloween we are seeing a lot of nude and pinks as the basis for our Halloween manicure and I’ve got to say it works!

via @studio.l.a.m

Cat Eye Nails

These nails are definitely superb for Halloween night. With a fine liner brush, you can easily recreate this look at home.

via @nailexecutive

Spider Webs and Halloween Things

For a manicure that balances out nude and black, this one hits the bullseye in terms of design.

via @nailedbyrebeka

Halloween Colored Nails

Coffin nails are the way to go when you’re dealing with October 31st. Halloween has never looked prettier on your nails when you use gradient colors and a small detail of a ghost.

via @polished.by.asia

Devilish French Tips

Glittery red French tips with a devilish feature make for the perfect spooky Halloween nail art.

via @paintbyjaz

Pumpkin Patch Nails

Notice you don’t have to have long nails to complete any of these manicures. This nail art design idea included.

via @nailsbylauhzar

Jack Skellington Nails

This is a relatively easy to copy manicure. With a steady hand, dotting tools, and a fine liner nail art brush you can easily get this look at home without going to your local salon.

via @amycatherine.beauty

Halloween Party Nails

These party nails are perfect for any occasion during October. They’re colorful and bright with adorable details to boot.

via @unhasretro

Matte Stripes and Slime

Matte nails are always going to be in style for Halloween. Mattify any of your manicures quick and easily with a matte top coat.

Geometric Halloween Nails

Black French tips with graphic lines really sets this manicure apart from other nail art design ideas. It’s simple to recreate, plus looks so chic.

via @hemlinecitycentre

Ghosts in Hats

How cute are these ghosts in hats? I absolutely love the fancy hats these ghosts have on. So festive!

via @ricekittynails

Just Boo It

A play off Nike’s slogan.

via @hannah_nails_it

Ghosts and Spiderwebs in Matte

Nude is definitely the trending color for Halloween this year. Pair it with black or by itself with some Halloween decals, it’ll look great either way.

via @rockstarnailstudio


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