10 Things You Have to Buy at World Market

World market is home to delicious wine, comfy furniture, and things you never thought you needed. Whenever I get a chance to go, I always end up purchasing something. But not before first racing down to the food aisle, where you can find fresh and authentic gnocchi, stroopwaffles, and boba mochi balls.

Everything you thought you needed or you thought you didn’t need is there. Their jewelry is so beautiful, unique, and affordable but you can say that about just any other product in the store. I got a pair of “Etsy-grade” earrings for only $13 bucks. Can you believe that?

Please don’t let me get started on the furniture. Vintage meets industrial in the furniture department and you’re going to want one of everything.

(I am not sponsored by World Market, it’s just my favorite store of all time.)

To show you what’s trending right now, here are 10 things you must buy at World Market.

1. Get a full length vintage mirror for $300 bucks.

Everybody should own a full length mirror. It’s perfect for seeing your entire look all in one glance. And the price is to boot. $300 is a total steal. I love the vintage aspect of the frame, very classy.

2. Burgundy And Green Diamond Miramar Area Rug, $80-300

How gorgeous is this burgundy and green area rug? It’s colorful and adds so much conversation to the table. This rug comes in three different sizes to fit any household.

3. Stroopwaffles

Stroopwaffles are the only sweet treat you’ll want with your coffee or tea. Just set it on top of your mug for it to warm up or eat it right from the wrapper. Whatever you decide to do, don’t eat the whole box in one sitting! But if you do, that’s cool too. Yeah, they’re that good.

4. Gold Seeing Eye Wall Jewelry Holder, $20

Can you even believe how affordable this piece of art and utility is?

5. Small Gold Spoke Rose Quartz Beaded Drop Earrings, $13

Now onto my favorite picks! The jewelry!! This set is so intricate, delicate, and industrial. It’s drove me over the edge. I had to get a pair.

6. Juggernaut Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon, $24

When you crave wine, you’ll want the best kind.

7. Four Sided Tassel Throw Pillow, $30

How adorable are these classic tassle pillows? You can redo an entire room with a few accent pillows like these.

8. World Market® Porcini And Truffle Gnocchi, $3

Truffle gnocchi at $3 is a pretty good steal. Whip up a nice meal for the family with these bad boys.

9. Black And White Floral Embroidered Jacey Dress, $45

This cute dress will keep you cool all summer.

10. Heathered Gray Fleece Loungewear Collection, $35

Stay cozy in the wintertime with this awesome pair of loungewear.
And that’s it! If you guys like I can do more of these blog posts. It’s so much fun to shop at World Market!

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